As a Figure Competitor, what’s the #1 thing that you wish you had Right Now to make your dream of being a Figure Pro a reality?

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    • Charla D Davenport The money it takes… 馃檪

      September 28 at 6:19am 4 people
    • Kelli Jo Hendrix Fleak Money for the proper training camps and coaching and supplements……..

      September 28 at 6:34am 2 people
    • Terri Jennings Better genes. I can always find a way to come up with money but money can’t buy you better calves! 馃檪

      September 28 at 6:53am 2 people
    • Stephanie Wheaton-Kull More time and money

      September 28 at 6:55am 1 person
    • Trish McFerron Albers Money to buy all the supplements…and a beautiful suit….and bigger shoulders!

      September 28 at 6:57am 2 people
    • Teri Noble Egnot Money

      September 28 at 7:11am 1 person
    • I Love Figure Competitions So no one has issues with Money then…. 馃檪 j/k. Money is indeed a huge factor that holds back many competitors.

      September 28 at 7:18am
    • Haleigh Rochelle Lanham Being able to eat when and what I’m supposed to. My work only lets me have breaks at certain times, plus I don’t have control over meals that are made, and my tiny farm town doesn’t have a large selection of healthy food or supplements.. so eating smaller meals more often and whole foods is a challenge. =/

      September 28 at 7:25am 1 person
    • Emilie VenJohn Def eating better, and more time to lift the way I need too. It’s hard when u work out with others/ train them especially when they don’t have the same goals as you. Plus living with a man who considers cheese whiz a necessity

      September 28 at 7:46am 1 person
    • Onielia Douglas I have a suit that I’m selling. Check out my profile pictures

      September 28 at 7:58am 1 person
    • I Love Figure Competitions

      Come chat with the rest 馃檪 I’ve added a “Chat” Tab on the left (Smiley Face) so that Fans can chat with each other. Hope you enjoy and hope it helps everyone!

      September 28 at 8:58am
    • Lori Trueman It would be more fun to workout and compete if I could be a stay at home kind of gal and not have to go to such a stressful job after such great workouts each day!! Although, work does bring in money and money helps me to continue my expensive journey…LOL!! As for training, my trainer’s awesome 馃檪

      September 28 at 10:47am 1 person
    • Darlene L. Beck A nanny, a personal chef, endless access to supplements, lol!!!

      September 28 at 4:30pm 1 person
    • Linda Simnick Someone to help me tweak me stage presentation.

      September 28 at 7:40pm 3 people
    • Amanda Wilson A coach to help my figure competitor dream come a reality….and the money to make it happen. **Even just competing in Ms. Bikini Olympia would serve my dream justice – I don’t even have to win!**

      September 29 at 9:18am 1 person
    • Angela Yeo Someone to mentor me that knows what it takes. And $!!!

      October 4 at 10:14am
    • Rosi Luz Great upper thighs and glutes. I am having a HUGE problem back there. Not sure what to do about it.

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