Attitude and Energy

by Jennifer Fleck


We all know how it goes, you step up your game, change your diet, hit the workouts hard, and “Poof!”. Where motivation once was is fatigue, where dedication still lies is also insecurity, and where your energy sources spurn from, lies stress. In order for this lifestyle to work for a modern women, it must become like anything else in our day to day existence: HABIT. Form a habit, one at a time, gain a lifetime’s worth of health and perspective. However, there will be times during the initial process where you want to fail, give up, give in. Please don’t.

From a scientific perspective, you wonderful women out there need to be aware that it takes more than just a week to form a habit. I am not just talking about your workouts either. How you sleep, when you eat, what you eat, how you judge yourself in the mirror. It all takes time!! We are not clocks that can simply be reset, we are more like a home that needs remodeling, it is a process. Remember, there may be several goals you need to meet before stepping on stage, but do your very best to look at your progression from a positive standpoint. Make it through the day without indulging in a craving, find a way to make that day’s workout more enjoyable, (don’t think about your stress and work), and lastly, try your best not to look at what still needs improvement. Look at what has already improved!! One thing at a time. Rome was not built in a day, and neither are your muscles.
Another subject several athletes do not speak of much is clothing. I tell you, that can be so stressful during this process! Your waist begins to shrink, but you build muscle in other areas,. Therefor, you get dressed for work or what have you in the morning and nothing fits the way you would like it too! Don’t we all wish we could live a breathe our spandex workout gear?? Please do not despair,. Again,. this is part of something so much bigger than how your jeans fit on a particular day! Trust me, I have been there several times myself. We are so programmed to think big=fat! NOT TRUE!! Every morning, feel how things fit! Don’t purely base you day on how you look in your head! The mind can be such a terrible thing at times! In other words, my waist will tidy itself up, but then my quads won’t fit into my pants. Frustrating, yes, failure, absolutely not! It’s progress ladies, it is all about the right energy and attitude!

When you start to feel yourself dreading the workout mainly out of boredom or fatigue, it is time for a change! Your diet and sleep are your top concerns, workouts are actually last. You will never have wonderful abs without a great diet nor will you have great arms if they never get the chance to recover. Funny how things are always connected. The exercise is really only a third of your goal here! So, when your work stresses you out or you have no desire to pump those weights, change your routine. The more you surprise the muscle tissue,. the faster it responds!! The next time you take a full recovery day, try for a different or more difficult workout the very day after your rest. You will find you have so much more to give to your sets! Treat your recovery with the same energy you are using to get up and do your workouts! In all actuality, this time is much more important! No rest, no results!

Lastly, I am very guilty of this one myself, keep you stress levels to a minimum. At the very least, your rest and gym time should be yours and yours alone. Don’t let your boss, children, significant other into your head! Remember how I told you this was the most selfish thing you would ever do? It really is, but you will be more selfless towards those you care about if you get to be selfish first! This is your precious time, zone out, breathe, and realize you have the strength, the drive, and the attitude to get up on that stage! You really do.

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