Figure Competition Diets

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The Complete 12 – 14 Week Contest Diet

This is a complete guide to losing body fat for your next figure competition. No more dangerous and ineffective diets. There are over 30 diets to choose from, each one designed specifically for women to strip off body fat while maintaining all of your hard earned muscle.

Gone are the days of eating the same meals!

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Stage Ready
Stage Ready Nutrition & Training

This is an instantly downloadable PDF manual which
runs you from A to Z on everything you need to know to compete in a show.

Whether you’re competing in a show for the first
time or you just want to boost your rankings here is the chance to get an
exclusive behind the scenes look at the tips and tricks 1st place winners use.

No other author can offer this unique opportunity from someone who has competed
in and runs more all natural bodybuilding shows and now produces one of the most
popular shows in the country…here is your chance to get that extra edge.

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Reviews from actual Figure Athletes who’ve used these products:

  • Thank you Terry

    Alicia Ramos

    Your tips on how prep and win my first figure competition helped so much. I placed 3rd in my first show and qualifed for nationals. I am excited to say I will be competing again in March 2013. My goal is to present my best me on stage. With your guidance I know I will achieve this. I will be purchasing all your guides. Thank you! Alicia Ramos, Fitness Mommy El Paso TX.

  • Congratulations Stokes Crew!

    3 1st place finshes and 3 2nd place trophies

    Congratulations Stokes Crew (3 1st place finshes and 3 2nd place trophies). Back at it again this morning! Not sure where Karen amd Mike are but I hope they are enjoying a big fat meal! Like I\'ve said in the past I am always most proud of our entire crew the way we not only support our team but we help any competitor regardless of who they are. Whether its posing tips, inviting competitors out to lunch with us or loaning a figure suit (yes it has happened before), it shows a lot of respect for the sport... a sport which can often be one of self-centeredness (not sure if that\'s a real word or not). I had a few competitors I\'ve never met before come up to me last night and thank me because the stokes crew was so helpful to them... that means a lot to me. Each season Mike Gordon (bodybuilder) will invite and train with guys he may have to compete against, but for him he just wants to share the love of the sport with as many people as he can.... this is what makes me love doing this so much. My wife works around the clock tanning competitors for 2 days, Denise is right by her side the entire time... and then there are the competitors (not competing) who help backstage... it is incredible how much everyone cares!!! ....thanks again to the entire stokes crew it wouldn\'t be worth it without you!!!

  • Thanks Terry! Your Diet Rocks!

    Thanks Terry!

    Thanks Terry for all of your help! I kept a lot of muscle and lost 35lbs! I placed fifth in my first show of the season at the Tracey Greenwood Classic! Doing some fine tuning for one more show this weekend, the Maryland State/East Coast Classic! Keep your fingers crossed!

  • 5 First Place Trophies!

    Terry your team was amazing!

    5 First Place Trophies! OMG Way to go! Love what you did with your team. Your diets are superior to all!

  • Congratulations Brittany! Overall NPC Figure Champion

    Congratulations Brittany! Overall NPC Figure Champion!

    I became Overall NPC Figure Champion thanks to Terry and his amazing diet and training. Thanks Terry! Woohoo! Get STOKED!

  • Fabulous 40s

    12 weeks of Prep

    I never thought about competing until I was stopped by a trainer while I was getting ready to walk into a Cheesecake Factory on my 41st birthday last July. I was already a gym rat so I said sure, not realizing just how tough it would be. The hardest part was the nutrition piece because 1) I don\'t like to eat in the summer and 2) I didn\'t like half of what he had me eating. Long story short and 12 weeks later, I competed in my first figure competition and came home with 2 HUGE trophies. I placed 3rd in the Masters over 40 and 5th in Class C. My daughters & my mom were with me so that made it even more special. I qualified for junior nationals but unfortunately I had to take this year off to do an injury but I look forward to getting in better shape next year and competing some more.

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