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You will never be successful in a Figure Competition… Unless you read this!

Welcome Future Figure Competition Champ!

Terry Stokes - Figure Coach

Terry Stokes – Figure Coach

You’re here to learn how to win your figure competition, right? One thing about me is that I don’t follow the crowd and really don’t care much what people think. When I first started training figure competitors I was shocked at the mistakes and misdirection of many trainers and their clients. I saw techniques and practices that I knew back in high school would not work.

I saw competitors compete for years and not get ANY better… some actually looked worse from one show to the next. I still see the same things going on today… and if you are not training and eating properly then you will struggle to make any progress. Do not get yourself confused with the genetically gifted competitors who can train incorrectly, stay up all night, eat poorly… but they are always lean and improve each show – most likely that ain’t you! You most likely have to work hard… real hard for everything you get. Therefore you can’t do things that stop you from making progress, if you do any of
the following …STOP IMMEDIATELY:

figure competition diet

figure competition diet

If there was an easy way to diet for a show, trust me, I would have found it by now. Too many competitors think that dieting is going to be a lot easier than it really is. They look for the diet with the most food (or the trainer who promises fruit, bread and lots of other carbs throughout the precontest diet). Until you’ve followed a competition diet, you can’t really appreciate how hard it is. Once again, you can’t follow genetically gifted competitors and expect to get the same results. They can eat more calories than most everyone else an still get lean. How many competitors do I know who’ve gotten higher calorie diets from top level competitors who have more muscle, faster metabolism etc… what happens is that they often end up following diets that have too many calories for the average competitor who doesn’t have genetic gifts. They go into shows bragging: “ I got a diet from ___ ______ “ – but when they get onstage they are 8-10 lbs overweight!

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Are you making this Figure Competition mistake?

I remember one such competitor last year. She had gotten a diet from someone who was way more advanced, much more muscle mass, faster metabolism etc. Anyway, as I was watching her compete, I was thinking to myself: “WTF happened to her?” and right at that moment the show’s promoter walked up to me and asked: “Wtf happened to her?” …it was classic! I don’t care who you get a diet from or how many competitions they’ve won… if the calorie content is too high you will not get lean enough to compete for any of the top spots.
If you think you are going to get lean following a 1500 calorie diet the entire time when preparing for a show then you need a reality check… cause it probably won’t happen. This is why I developed by figure competition diet program. It’s designed to take the guess work out of dieting for a show. If you follow the program you will not go into a show 10lbs overweight, waterlogged or bloated. The goal of my diets are to get you ready for a show… that’s it. You won’t be eating a bunch of bread, fruit, yogurt or all the other stuff that would make the diet more appealing.. like I said my goal is to help you reach your goal. So don’t look for the easy way out. Dieting is tough and you have to make sacrifices… this is
why so few women actually make it onstage… and it’s what separates you from those sitting in the audience.

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Figure Competition tip #2 –  Cardio in the off-season:

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Stokes Figure Competition Cardio

Stokes Figure Competition Cardio

If your goal is to build muscle in the off-season WHY WHY WHY would you do cardio in the off-season??? Now… if cardio is meant to burn calories/body fat (in essence, make you a smaller person) – WHY would you perform cardio when you want to gain muscle (get bigger). How is it possible for the same form of exercise to accomplish two completely opposite goals?

The fact is that cardio burns calories and should be used for that purpose only. Why then, do competitors

perform cardio in the off-season even-though they should be focusing on
building muscle?

There are a few reasons but the #1 reason is because figure competitors are afraid to gain too much weight in the off-season, so they decide to keep up the cardio. The reality is that you must gain a little fat when building muscle just to insure that you are getting enough calories to gain muscle. If you try to build muscle with a weight training workout in the

morning followed by cardio in the evening then it’s like playing tug-of-war with yourself, trying to run up an ice covered hill … you get the point! Get over the fact that you will gain some extra fat… and if you find yourself gaining too much weight then show some discipline and push away from the table – but you must make a clear delineation between off season and precontest training programs.

a) Precontest: Everything geared toward fat loss and muscle preservation, which means cardio is a large part of it, along with fast paced, high intensity fat loss workouts. Combined with strict dieting you can’t go wrong.

b) Off-season: Heavier lifting, longer rest between sets and more isolation exercises (ex, concentration curls, tricep pushdowns etc…). Plenty of rest …which means no cardio! As hard as it is for women to gain muscle, doing cardio would pretty much negate any gain from your building workouts because the energy and resources you deplete during your cardio workout can’t be used for building muscle… and you only have a limited amount of energy/resources each day.

Figure Competition tip #3Lifting like a bodybuilder while trying to lose fat for competition:

Figure Competition Membership

Figure Competition Training

Ok… regular weight lifting does not burn enough calories to be performed while getting ready for a competition. Now, if you are done for the day with your cardio and high intensity resistance training (using weights and bodyweight exercises in non-stop circuit fashion to burn fat) – THEN you can lift weights as much as you like the rest of the day. What I see is would-be competitors performing set after set of bicep curls, bench presses etc… and then getting on the treadmill for cardio. Regular weight lifting does not burn enough calories! That’s why bodybuilders can gain muscle from regular weight training – therefore you can surmise that regular weight training will do little to help you lose body fat for a competition. I’ve seem many women follow this type of training and come
into shows way off their mark…. 12 weeks (or longer) down the drain!

If you want to lose body fat then you need to train just for that purpose. Just because some big male bodybuilder can get lean following such a program does not mean this will work for most women… I’ve seen it fail more times than I can count. Leave weight training for off-season muscle building… you are not going to build muscle while losing body fat for a competition so get that idea out of your head.

Try my program by Clicking Here – it’s designed for women and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee because I have so much confidence in how good it works! Good luck!

Now go WIN that Figure Competition!

What would you change regarding Figure Competitions to make them better?

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Like · Comment · Tuesday at 6:33am ·
  • Cheryl Goulding likes this.
    • Lisa Sullivan Long Judging criteria more black and white, not grey. Especially in the amature arena. there are alot of no no’s going on we all see but are afraid to talk about.

      Tuesday at 7:25am · 1 person
    • Jennifer Taylor King More defined guidelines between figure, and bikini. Figure girls need to be dramatically more muscular and less ‘curvy’ like bikini girls. Posing needs to be more uniform and less free for all. (In the individual presentation).

      Tuesday at 7:26am · 3 people
    • Karen Pilote I agree, it gets confusing when the same contestant wins both categories……

      Tuesday at 8:35am
    • Debbie Laurin-Leclerc Idfa Pro I think that there shouldn’t be cross overs, you are either one or the other.

      Tuesday at 5:00pm
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Where’s the best place to get supplements from? What’s your secret source and do you have any discounts etc that you can share?

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  • Oksana Shiva, Jennifer Stone, Sarah Cordero Bestpitch and 2 others like this.
    • Lekki Frazier-Wood Amazon and Both have great rates….

      October 20 at 7:14am · 1 person
    • Chereen Fox advocare is awesome and yes i get awesome discounts that i would love to share with anybody thats interested. advocare is now in every locker room in the NFL. its an amazing supplement company

      October 20 at 7:16am · 1 person
    • Deirdre Callahan DPS Nutrition

      October 20 at 7:46am · 1 person
    • Melissa Brantley an amazing site with great workout videos divided by body part, training and nutrition programs, and the cheapest supplement store with the widest selection! ON products are even cheap from there!

      October 20 at 7:47am · 2 people
    • MizzKim Day

      October 20 at 8:21am · 1 person
    • Lisa Jacobs,,, Vitamin Shoppe,

      October 20 at 8:58am · 1 person
    • Angelique Jakes Thompson If you are looking to out on lean muscle you can use what Gretchen coley and chris Vandenberg use as their protein shake: www. There r a ton of NPC and WBFF pros using it. I’m competing in the spring and just started. It tastes great.

      October 20 at 9:59am · 1 person
    • Christine Willie Kilpatrick I get my supplements from eating the right combination of foods. It takes a lot of effort and time to determine the proper menus for a day but it is well worth it – saves a lot of money too!

      October 20 at 11:07am · 1 person
    • Darlene L. Beck My husband and i swear by Beverly International products. They are top notch and taste great. You can order direct by phone or online and always get discounts.

      October 20 at 6:51pm · 1 person
    • Oksana Shiva 😉

      October 21 at 5:20pm
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Which gym do you workout at?

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Like · Comment · October 19 at 10:50am ·

  • Oksana Shiva, Brooke Holloman and Healthy and Fit for You like this.
    • Richie Sievers My garage lol

      October 19 at 10:52am via mobile · 1 person
    • Cindy Kriner Thompson American Health & Fitness…Miamisburg, OHIO

      October 19 at 10:53am
    • Kimberlie WernerChrome Personal Training Centre, Spokane WA!!

      October 19 at 10:54am · 1 person
    • Matt Davis The YMCA on Argyle

      October 19 at 10:55am · 1 person
    • Valerie Mehok First Class Fitness in Harrisburg Pa. With the owner Stacy Garonzik! Killer work out with her and her team of trainers!!!! Love them!!!

      October 19 at 10:55am · 1 person
    • Cara’s HealthyLiving ‎@dolphin fitness

      October 19 at 10:55am
    • Lynda Alford Lohrmann McGrath sports complex, fort drum, ny

      October 19 at 10:56am · 1 person
    • Meggan Jones LA Fitness or at Work

      October 19 at 10:57am
    • Angela Hollis Gold’s baby!! 🙂 Arlington, VA.

      October 19 at 10:58am
    • Healthy and Fit for You World Gym and The Fitness Zone!

      October 19 at 11:01am
    • Amber Gregorio Equinox in Manhattan

      October 19 at 11:03am
    • Donna Shipman ‎Gold’s Gym Douglasville

      October 19 at 11:07am · 1 person
    • Maggie Moore Absolute Performance Training in Buffalo, NY!

      October 19 at 11:10am
    • Emilie VenJohn Flex complex , casper,Wyoming

      October 19 at 11:22am
    • Paula Dela Rosa Bailey Gold’s Gym Fort Hood, TX!!!

      October 19 at 11:23am
    • Kelli Jo Hendrix Fleak XTREME FITNESS ♥♥

      October 19 at 11:41am
    • Alicia Ramos EP.Fitness NE, El Paso TX

      October 19 at 11:43am
    • Cindy Paschal Ficklin Powerhouse Gym, Gold’s Gym, Crossroads AND Bookcliff Country Club. Gotta change the scenery from time to time! 😉 lol

      October 19 at 11:45am
    • Ana Cristina Potoret I work out at the army/navy bases nearby, at NPS and DLI both in Monterey,Ca

      October 19 at 11:50am
    • Sara WillisIdeal Fitness

      October 19 at 12:00pm
    • Kq Smith hmmmmm that’s a trick question . . .In CT: Cardio Express, Accelerated Fitness (where I personal train) & CrossFit. In NC: YMCA & Lifestyles. In SC: New Life Family Fitness. . . to top it off I’ll get it in @ home, outside, in an airport, etc LOLOL

      October 19 at 12:05pm
    • Violeta M. Torregrosa-Ayala South Orlando ymca. Roper ymca. Dr. P. Phillips ymca and vixen fitness. Go hard or go home baby!!!

      October 19 at 12:05pm
    • Sharon Morgan Lifetime Fitness 🙂

      October 19 at 12:20pm
    • I Love Figure Competitions Wow that’s it? I KNOW there are way more than this many people here 🙂 Come on now! Don’t be shy!

      October 19 at 12:25pm
    • Erica Miller Baity C3 Fitness in Lawrenceville, GA and Anytime Fitness in Duluth, GA…

      October 19 at 1:11pm
    • Lisa Jacobs French Rivera Fitness in Uptown New Orleans.

      October 19 at 1:13pm
    • Lisa Jacobs ‎@Matt, I used to work out at the Y on Argyle when I lived in Ottawa, great gym!

      October 19 at 1:20pm
    • Reinalis Marcano Golds gym

      October 19 at 1:49pm
    • Sydonna Urquidi Backstreet Gym, El Paso TX

      October 19 at 2:33pm
    • Norma Lilia Sedillo Life time Fitness, Az

      October 19 at 2:42pm
    • Jennifer Taylor King Stratiform Strength and Conditioning, Boone NC

      October 19 at 4:45pm
    • Anton Nelson The Zone Manning,SC

      October 19 at 7:38pm
    • Amanda Maziarz Watson STOKES!!!!

      October 20 at 7:52am
    • Oksana Shiva Anytime Fitness in Deer Park, WA 😉

      October 21 at 5:20pm
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Is your Family supportive of your Figure asperation? If not how do you deal with them? Share your advice.

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  • Oksana Shiva likes this.
    • Charlotte DuBois My family is very supportive and do as much sacrificing as I do! I couldn’t do it without them. They are my biggest fans!!

      October 18 at 8:22am
    • Terri Jennings At first my husband was like, you are going to the gym again? But once he saw me on stage, he’s my biggest supporter!

      October 18 at 8:45am
    • Kim Ruth Hubby is very supportive, former competitor 😉

      October 18 at 8:49am
    • Cindy Kriner Thompson Husband has been a body builder for over 20 years and never compted. i started about 2 years ago and after my 1st show he & I will be compeiting in 9 days..his 1st my 2nd. Its been great.

      October 19 at 10:54am
    • I Love Figure CompetitionsCindy Kriner Thompson wow that’s cool! Please keep up posted ok? And if you’d like to share your story then click on the left hand side and follow the instructions there 🙂

      October 19 at 12:27pm
    • Oksana Shiva My girls are supportive…and my mom and dad are not….I respect their opinion but this is my life 😉

      October 21 at 5:21pm
    • Debbie Laurin-Leclerc Idfa Pro My husband, 2 teens mom and dad 100% other family members… Not sure they get me :-S

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