Did you give it your all?

by Contributing Author and Figure/Bikini Coach Tiffany Benson

Tiffany Benson Have you ever done something that had you walk away thinking and saying to yourself, “I really could have done better, or given more of me?” Yeah, me too…and I don’t like that feeling…So my first few figure competitions I gave it my all…I did the prep just right, ate the foods on target, did the cardio, and always placed in the top 5. But I could have practiced my posing more, I soon realized, and my t-walks… I always talked with the judges after all my figure competitions, to ask them what I can do better, and where I can improve on my overall physique and presentation.

I always took the feedback and ran back home with it. Well, in 2009…I did everything just right, no cheating on my diet, no slacking on my posing, and I went into the 2009 NGA Heart of America figure competition as an amateur, and came out as the newest NGA figure pro! What a great feeling! Knowing I gave it my all…my identical twin sister did NOT compete that competition and she was the one who awarded me on stage, so that was extra special too.

But the ultimate feeling of walking away knowing I did give the entire prep my all….is such a fantastic feeling! Now I get to joing the pro ranks and compete as an NGA figure pro and an IFPA pro. I think as a mommy of 3, I love to keep myself competing because it keeps me on my toes, and that goal, the journey and the end result, competing, is just an incredible accomplishment. You realize after the competition, that the stage time may be over with until your next competition, but wow! Look at the incredible transformation you have made! And that does not go away once you walk off the stage….now, many competitors do NOT stay competition lean all year round, that would not be healthy for your system and metabolism.

But once you have done it, and you did it all natural and with hard work, you know you are fully capable of doing it again and  it becomes quite an addiction. And at least it’s a healthy addiction! I will continue to compete figure so long as I can.

Happy training, and happy competing! Remember to give it your all!

About the Author:

I am an all-natural professional NGA figure athlete and professional IFPA figure athlete, a mommy of 3, a wife to my best friend Christopher, all-natural figure/bikini coach, Certified NOMA makeup artist, and a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Website: www.insideoutphysiques.us

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