Ester Martinez Clark

Ester Martinez Clark

My name is Ester Martinez Clark and I want to say thank you for all the great training info and food info. I have incorporated a lot of it into my boot camp I do for a non-profit women’s group – Mujeres en Avivamiento.

This past weekend, I competed in The Figure Show with the INBA November 5th, 2011 in West Hollywood/L.A.
I’veĀ  been training/running for years and after having a baby at 30 years old, I wanted a new challenge. The INBA (The Natural Bodybuilding Association had a 12 week challenge, so I decided to do that challenge. After the 12 weeks, I decided to go for the Figure Show, so began training for that more intensely. The pictures were taken after I had my now 18 month old, then in the middle of the tranining, and of course show day. I’m excited to tell everyone that they can change their life and that even after having a baby, you can reach your goals of getting in shape and eating right! I have done a few marathons, but I have to say that doing a figure show takes more work and preparation, because one has to measure all their food, you have to sleep right and work-out super hard.

It is hard, especially as it gets closer to the show and you’re waking up at 3am, taking care of your family, working and taking care of other personal matters. If you don’t stay on track, your body will not reveal what it should. Since this was my first show, I knew that I had a lot to learn and I’m so thankful to God for this experience. With all of the hard work, one does get a little moody so I want to say thanks to all my loved ones, especially to my husband Eric and my son Little E.

I look forward to doing another show in the near future. I placed third in my class and got a cool sword as a winning prize and I also won first place for the Natural Xtreme Challenge. I received a plaque and nutritional supplemements for that.

Anyone can do it, It just takes self-discipline, hard-work and dedication.

Here’s a link to website.

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