Figure Ready Training

Let me take you by the hand and train you like I have my other Figure Champions!

Figure Ready Training

What my students are saying:

  • I believe in Terry!

    I believe in Terry!

    Belief is key. I believe in Terry Stokes. When you have someone in your corner that pulls you through dark moments with a consistent and legitimate training plan..well, you succeed. I endorse this plan 150%. You will NOT achieve long term weight loss with pills, powders or potions. It\'s challenging but its a lifestyle. YOU can do this.

  • Transformation

    Mother of four 16 weeks

    I am a mother of four and trained for 16 weeks to prepare for my first show. I got weekly e-mails from Terry\'s website. They were always helpful. The red suit seen here was rented from a Jenny\'s Fit Playground website that was featured on Terry\'s website.

  • Mean machine!

    Mean machine!

    Mean machine!

  • CJ mom of 4

    from an obsese family to fit for life!

    I\'m still trying to get up enough courage to do a figures competition. The workouts don\'t scare me. The diet doesn\'t scare me. Giving up a GREAT deal of cardio does. I love it! I\'m a cycling crazed person! I\'ve been hooked on it since I got my first road bike a 1 1/2 years ago. Oh and the stage…that seems scary! After I had my 4th child (3 girls and 1 boy). I decided enough was enough. My Mom, Dad, brother, and sisters could be obese but I wasn\'t going to do it anymore. I wanted better for myself and to model good choices for my children. I got a training group and crawled out of the hole I was in. I would get up before the family and workout, then I would take the kids and put them in the nursery so I could workout in the afternoon. I lost 40 lbs in 8 months. Then about 6 months later I lost another 10 lbs. after I purchased Terry’s diet. Thank you for helping me get here Terry! I have been at this weight for a year. I love cycling, swimming, weights, and running. I did my first triathlon 6 weeks ago and would love to do a figures competition! This a WONDERFUL ride!

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