Ginette Venne

Ginette Venne

Name: Ginette Venne
City: Ottawa
Age: 40

Heaviest Weight: 157
Start Training Date: 1/11/2009

Competition Weight: 118
Goal Date: 30 /10/2010

I’ve arrived!
I finally made it into the body I was meant to have.

My journey like many others was a life long battle with loosing then gaining to
then loosing and gaining over and over…

As early as the age of 11 I remember watching my brother having raw eggs in a
protein shake before heading to school. I asked him why he would do this.. at
the time he was on the wrestling team in high school. From that day I was
intrigued with what fitness was all about. By the time I was 15 I saw a fitness
competition on TV and was so amazed with how strong and athletic theses women
were… That’s when my dream began.

Before Summer 2009

It was only at the age of 38 that I finally believed in myself enough to go for it.
As a graphic designer I’ve always been the type of person that would kill
herself to to deliver on a deadline that I committed to. But I finally realized
after finishing up a 4 month long project, working 95 hrs a week during all that
time, how could I not see my own goals to the end….Once the project was over I
decided it’s time to make me the client and start working to achieve my own
personal goals. In December 2009 I walked into a Goodlife gym, met with a
trainer told him about my ultimate dream, and he set me on my way.

Before Spring 2009

On Saturday October 30, 2010, I took the stage for my first Figure competition
at International Drug Free Athletics Ottawa Classic. I placed 4th in my category

It’s been 5 months since my competition, and I continue to get to the gym 6
days a week. Building muscles is my favorite thing to do when I’m at the gym. My
life is now what I’ve wanted for myself all along. Going to the gym is like
taking a shower. I enjoy being there and it’s a necessity to starting my day

Life is so much better when you live it to your full potential.

My favorite workout is shoulders bicep and triceps.

My original weight 156 – body fat 31%
My competition weight 118 – body fat 10%
I maintain my weight at 130 – body fat at 18%

I’m a wife and mother of two beautiful girls, what I’ve achieved is a gift of
health for me and a fountain of knowledge and source of inspiration for my

Oct 30 2010

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