“Heard about the latest Diet?” – No Not Again!

Paaalease! It seems almost every week someone “invented” or is promoting a fab new diet or fat loss supplement. Of course they’ll have you believe that there’s scientific “proof”. The only promise that will hold true is that in a few months the diet will be just another bad memory as people find out they just don’t work.

figure competition diets

Take a look at the figure competitors in the picture. Every one competitor of them got lean eating the SAME basic foods! No special, exotic or dangerous diets. Just the standard competition diet! MY Competition DietI know because I trained them all!

I personally trained and handed them MY diets. (Bikini, Figure, Bodybuilding). 3 of them just recently won pro cards. No crazy diets, no special shakes, zero supplements. Believe me, they all ate the same foods to get lean. The only difference is that figure competitors diet a little harder than bikini competitors, Ms fit/Fitness competitors diet a little harder than figure competitors and bodybuilders diet the hardest of all because they have to get the leanest. That’s it folks! There’s no “magic pill”. It’s plain and simple.

Whether you are a figure competitor or any type of physique competitor – YOU DON’T HAVE TIME TO WASTE TRYING NEW DIETS THAT HAVE NO HISTORY OF SUCCESS BEHIND THEM. You can get as lean as you need to be for ANY competition by eating: chicken, fish, tuna, oatmeal, egg whites, protein powder, a wide variety of vegetables, sweet potatoes, brown rice, good fats, some fruit (not too much) and a cheat meal once a week.

Click here to download the exact same diet that these ladies used and I give to all of the figure competitors I personally train. Click here to download now.