Holiday Eating

Holiday Eating
Eat whatever you want and not gain weight
…or maybe even lose a pound!

Is it possible?

Yes, It’s definitely possible to eat whatever you want on the holidays and still lose weight. The key is what you do on the days surrounding your big eating days:
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
New Years Eve
New Years Day

Let’s face it, you’re going to eat on those days (above) anyway so you might as well do it in a way that will not cause weight gain… and you may even lose a pound!

The general idea:
Basically what you are going to do is eat low carb and low fat on the days before and after the holidays so that you can eat whatever you want on the actual holiday. This is the same type of thing I do with my figure competitors in between shows… and they LOSE weight!! So, it does work.

3 Types of Days


Eat Normally
These are days you will eat like you would normally eat


Low Carb/Fat
These will be your toughest days. Calories will be lower and you will have to eat clean…. absolutely no cheating. the good thing about it is that it’s fairly easy to follow a diet like this for a few days because it contains a lot of vegetables which can satify cravings until the big eating days.


Eat Whatever You Want
Although it’s possible to eat a bunch of calories on the holidays. The reality is that it’s hard to gain even a pound of fat in 2 or 3 days. The ‘weight’ you gain will be mostly water which you will get rid of by eating clean in the days following the holidays.

The chart below outlines the days surrounding the holidays and how you should eat on those days

Eat Normally

After Christmas:
Tues Dec 27
Wed Dec 28

Eat Clean

Before Christmas:
Wed Dec 21
Thurs Dec 22
Friday Dec 23

After Christmas:
Mon Dec 26
Thurs Dec 29
Friday Dec 30

Eat Whatever

Christmas Eve Dec 24th
Christmas Dat Dec 25th
New Years Eve Dec 31st
New Years Day Jan 1st

Eating ‘clean’ days are the key:

These are the days in which your calories and carbihydrate intake is lower. Interspersing these days in the mix will keep any fat gain from happening. Sort of like taking one step forward for every one step backward. If you are really tight on your diet and combine that with a workout then you will probably lose a pound by the time this is all over with. Any extra calories you can burn on your ‘clean’ days will come from fat, since there will be very little sugar (carbs) in your system.

Meal composition:

During these days you will eat the majority of your calories from protein… mainly chicken breast if you can. You should be eat a hefty amount of vegetables everyday. Avoid: PEAS, CARROTS, CORN and BEANS (they contain more sugar/carbs) – green beans are ok.
How much to eat:
Below are some sample days of eating. Below are three ‘eat clean’ days (choice 1, 2 3,). For example – if it says 200 grams of chicken, 300 grams of carbs and 500 grams of chicken etc. – then this is what you will eat in the course of the day. Split it up into meals and eat it throughout the day. The only thing you want to avoid is loading up your carbs at night (ex. don’t save all of your rice/potatoes for your last meal… make sure you spread it out.

Clean Days Choices:

Choice #1

Chicken: 250 grams
Egg Whites: 6
Rice/potato: 100 grams
Whey Protein: (scoops) 2 scoops
Oatmeal: small bowl
Vegetables: 500 grams

Choice #2

Fish: 300 grams
Whey Protein: 2 (scoops)
Egg whites: 6
Rice/potato: 200 grams
Vegetables: 600 grams

Choice #3

Oatmeal: small bowl
Chicken: 170 grams
Whey protein: 2 scoops
Cottage cheese: 150 calories
Egg whites: 6
Rice/potato: 80 grams
Vegetables: 500 grams

The idea is to pick one of the choices and follow it on your ‘eat clean’ day(s)
Spread the food throughout the day
– Don’t end-load your meals (waiting until night to eat the majority of your food)
– you can eat either white or brown rice
– you can eat either white or sweet potatoes
– no alcohol
– you can switch between choices (you don’t have to follow the same ‘choice’ each day)

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