Lauren Rachael Lowhorn

Lauren Rachael Lowhorn


I have always been the “skinny” girl since I was young. However at age 14-16 I relied on sports to keep me skinny. Being a gymnast, cheerleader, baskettball player, and track runner it was so easy to just munch on everything!. I was skinny fat, and so unhealthy. To the point of 4 red bulls, 6 pieces of white bread, swiss cake rolls, and 2 bowls of mac and cheese in a short time span of 3 hours. I’d drink almost 7 regular or diet Cokes a day! I even admitted to hating water!! I was so terrible and sick inside and I had NO idea.

One day I stepped on the scale and I weighed 125 pounds, and I was 18% bodyfat, I cried for hours. Health issues has always ran in my family and I didn’t wanna be a victim. At the time I read all types of magazines for girls. I started paying close attention to the Health columns and it taught me well. Soon I was a healthy 110 and 13% bodyfat.

I love always being athletic and I decided to take weight lifting seriously, athletic lifting became Figure competition lifting. I was asked at the gym I attended if I had ever competed, after the 10th person asked me I decided to really kick start my life and prove to myself I could do it and gain the self confidence I’ve always wanted to have.

I trained for over a year, gained 10lbs of muscle, and dropped to 9% bodyfat. Thanks to my dad who has always lifted and trained and also to my friends who picked me up when I was down and pushed me to go harder and harder. I recently placed 2nd in the Indiana Muscle Classic, in Open Figure and Novice Figure! I now have respect for myself and others. I’m proud of how I look, I love my muscles, and I’ve learned to live my life how I want, and this is who i’ve become. I truely have found my niche. <3

Contest Prep- I only ate chicken, fish and veggies, and oats for carbs. It was a grueling diet. Drinking a gallon a water a day was the worst part of all! I used 5 coats of Jan Tana sunless tan. The best part is I bought my suit from ebay for 65$ and decorated it myself! The girls thought it was a 300$ suit! I was so lucky to have the creativity to make that suit look beautiful! Really and truely though, the diet is the most important! Stick to it and try different things! Don’t be afraid to experiment! What works for one girl might not work for you, definatly don’t use a guy’s bodybuilding diet! It won’t work.

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