Mindy Watson Lapetina

Hi there…thank you for this opportunity to share my story.  I have a bit different of a story than most people. I grew up as an athlete, a gymnast, soccer player, cheerleader, etc… but my senior year of high school, I got addicted to methamphetamines.  I quickly went from a muscular 120 pounds down to a 90 pound skeleton.  I stayed that way for 10 years. I literally lost all muscle in my body due to not eating and my body burning muscle for fuel during my 4 and 5 day runs…
It wasn’t until I became pregnant with my oldest son who will be 9 in January, that I found God and got clean. However, I ended up in a very abusive marriage and was not even aloud to step foot in a gym. I started doing bag-impact kickboxing with a neighbor and I fell in love with it. She told me of a class at our local gym and that the instructor was amazing. This was towards the end of my marriage when I started pretty much doing what I wanted and I started attending the classes 3x a week. After about 6 months, she had to quit teaching and I was asked to take over her classes. I did and to do that I had to become certified…well that opened my eyes to the world of fitness, which is now my career.
I soon received my Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and began working out consistently, but at my home to avoid anymore conflict in my horrible marriage. I did that for about a year before my divorce. After my divorce I began working out very regularly and attended my first body-building competition at Venice Beach on Labor Day, 2009.  I knew that is what I wanted to do when I saw the figure girls…I trained very hard and did my first competition 2 1/2 months later..(BEFORE and AFTER photos should be shown here)… Unfortunately the organization which I chose to do my first competition with frowned on tattoos and I came in 4th in the Figure Division, when I should have at least gotten 2nd, but I did win the Bikini Division because it was too obvious.  I was very discouraged because I worked so hard just to be judged for my tattoos and not my “figure”.  I then started hearing how the NPC overlooks tattoos and so I decided to train for one of their comps.  I ended up taking 1st in the Masters 35+ Division and 4th in the Open Class.  At this point, I was super motivated and immediately started training for my next show.  I am also competing in a show in March and then when the NPC introduces Women’s Physique, I want to compete in that division.
I am currently engaged to the best man in the whole wide world! We workout together every day and he treats me like a queen. We met at the old gym I used to work at. We have set a wedding date for May 8, 2012 in Jamaica!  I work at LA Fitness in Hemet, CA. I live and love to help others. It is truly where my heart lies. I know how fitness has benefited me in my life and I want to help others benefit as I have. My dream and goal is to soon open a gym of my own. I absolutely love being a Personal Fitness Trainer.
My results are as follows:
INBA Nov. 14, 2009
Figure Open Class C…………..4th
NPC June 18, 2011
Figure Masters 35+ Class B…1st
Figure Open Class D………….4th
NPC Oct 29, 2011
Figure Masters 35+ Class B…5th
Figure Open Class D………….6th
(Strung-out in thte Summer of 1995): These 2 photos were taken in the Summer of 1995.  I was 19 years old and 90 lbs of nothing but skin and bones. At this point, I had been doing drugs for 3 years and had already destroyed my body. Needless to say, I have and continue to work very hard on my body. I do however get very down on myself because I know what I was and what I could be now if it hadn’t been for my 10 year run on drugs. I just have to put that behind me and keep working as hard as ever.  I have never felt better in my whole life. Lifting is a better high than any drug, especially because there is no “come-down”! I’m always “high” when I work out!

(Labor Day): This photo was taken with one of the Figure girls on September 3,  2009. This is my “Before Competition” photo.
(Bikini 1st Place): This was 2 1/2 months later on November 14, 2009, the day after my 34th birthday.
(Figure 06-11): This photo was during my 2nd Figure Comp.

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