Off Season Training

by Jennifer Fleck


Let’s be honest with ourselves, there really shouldn’t be an off season. It should truly be called and on season improvement time! I personally will be going for some pretty big shows this fall season. Why would I want to start all over again?? Instead, let us use this time the right way! Take a week tops off from your last show and hit it hard again! If you are only beginning on your figure fitness journey, there is time to build what you really want out of your show prep. Sign up for at least one show if not 2 or 3 within a certain time frame. This will insure two things. One, if you are not really where you want to be for the first scheduled show, back out and work even harder for the next one. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you hit that stage without your utmost amount of confidence. Second, don’t let yourself fall off that wagon as soon as that first show is done. Read your judges commentary and learn from it! I strive for 2 weeks in between shows. It is enough time for the body to recover from the trauma of a stage day, but just enough time to make some small changes.

Off season should be a bit easier on the mind, but no easier on the body. It is not time to let you or fall off the wagon. It is your time to prove you can meet your goal. Or rather, for those veterans out there, it gives you time to beat your personal best. No matter what anyone ever tells you, your body will always be changing. Age is really on your side as a woman in the figure competition world. The older you become, the leaner you can be over time. Ironically, younger women don’t always do so well in this division because they biologically will keep more bodyfat on them. Fact! Hence, the popularity of bikini and the reason it has a younger average age. So, before you go thinking it is too late or you are too old, think again. Remember, it is the off season, not the quitting season!

To get the most out of this time period, however long that may be, make yourself a plan! Preferably at least 4 weeks of consistent training and eating. Heavier weight sessions that are further spaced apart to ensure proper healing and gains! Fewer cardio session for the same purpose, unless you have quite a bit of bodyfat to lose, otherwise cardio can self-destruct your progress. Most women don’t realize that until they are severely over training. If your diet is keeping you lean, rely on your weights, your iron, to keep you tighter and give you further strength! Remember, it’s the off season, not the lazy season!

Keep training, and NEVER GIVE UP!!

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