Overcoming challenges and obstacles!

by Contributing Author, NGA/IFPA figure pro and Figure/Bikini Coach Tiffany Benson

Tiffany BensonIn this life we all will face many obstacles and challenges. Many of us will become so soaked up in our obstacles that we will quit. I would like to encourage as many people as possible to not quit…rather to OVERCOME! That, right there…overcoming challenges, makes you a winner! If you take the journey to get to the stage, and actually get up on stage..that right there also makes you a winner. If you take the journey to aim to compete and break your leg a week before stage day…you still WON! You need to become a winner from within…it’s all about starting from the inside and working it outward to the outside of you…it all starts within.

Everything starts with a dream, a vision, and we execute that into a plan. Take your dream today, execute it into a plan, any kind of plan, and go after all you dream for. The hardest part really is starting out! What I love most about helping girls to get ready for a figure or bikini show is that most of the girls I work with think they will never be able to compete, for one reason or another…well, after baby #3 and a broken back and neck, I really thought I would never even work out again…but I overcame, and each of us has it in us to overcome all our challenges and obstacles. I encourage you today…to start living your dreams and bringing them to life! With much love and encouragement, Tiffany Benson 😉

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