The Breakdown for Figure Competition Beginners

by Jennifer Fleck


Now that you have made the decision to compete, it is time to define your training. I will say first and foremost, I am not talking about the weights in your calloused hands, I am speaking of your diet. Unless you are born with junkfood defying genetics, this journey is mostly about what you put in your belly. For those who already eat what they consider to be marginally healthy, this will still be a bit difficult at first. Protein, you will grow to have a love/hate relationship with it. It needs to be the start and the end to your day!Now, I personally do not supplement. That is your choice if you do. I have found over the last 2 years that my belly is not fond of the chemical makeup. I am natural all the way. Now, you can say that this may hold me back from certain opportunities, but I am fine with that. Based upon what I eat, I do not yo-yo throughout the year. Give or take 5lbs, that is where I stay all year long. It is both healthier for your body in general and a lot less stressful on the mind. The mind controls how much cortisol, a very nasty fat inducing chemical, is produced. Best to keep both the mind and body satisfied.

For starting your day, steel cut oats and egg whites. Yup. I realize it does not sound very appetizing. How good does a perfect stomach sound though? Pretty good, I bet. Spice them up with vanilla bean, nutmeg, or cinnamon. Once you form the habit,. you realize your body begins to crave the fuel. That’s right, fuel. Disconnect the mindset that food is feelings. Food won’t make your boyfriend behave, your kids listen to you, or your boss get any less demanding. Food will, however, drive the muscles to rest, shred, rebuild, and grow. Food will give you proper sleep, mood stability, and overall better stamina. Fuel up ladies. Your several meals during the course of your day should include 4-5oz servings of chicken or fish, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice. I must stress that they do not have to be plain. No dressings or the like, but you may spice them up to your heart’s content. Cook the quinoa in a bit of olive oil or turn those sweet potatoes into fires with some cracked black pepper and bake them in the oven. This does not have to be punishment for your taste buds. You do, however, have to change the way you think about food!

As for fluids, water and green tea. However you need to take it in, do it! Gallon jugs? Fine. Thermos full of tea for when you feel the afternoon munchies coming? Absolutely. “Whatever it takes!” is a mindset you need to have. Just make sure your “whatever” is good for you! You cannot crash diet for this goal. Not only will you not look good on stage, you will feel terrible as well. Put good into you,. greatness will come out!

Later on, I will get into meal timing for those who work long hours. That can be a battle in itself. In the meantime, send your thoughts my way! I am always happy to spread the wealth!

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