The sport of Figure!

by Contributing Author and Figure/Bikini Coach Tiffany Benson

Tiffany BensonThe sport of figure for me has been something I started back in 2007 as a means and a goal to lose the baby weight after my 3rd baby was born and I stopped nursing. Most of my friends and co-competitors have similar stories…it all started with a goal. Which brings me to the whole journey to the stage….My opinion and outlook is “if you make it to competition day, you have already won the show!” Getting on stage is about way more that a trophy of a few, or even a pro card…it is within you that you have completed the journey and you have overcome all of your obstacles and fears. Becoming a figure athlete is about instilling within yourself…your mind, body and spirit that you are DISCIPLINED enough to make the decision to do this and disciplined enough to follow through with the lifestyle, sacrifice, routine, mental and physical stresses/pleasures (as there are both) and the pure determination. One must be focused, able to plan, and carry out that plan to succeed.

Off season is always more relaxed and not having to do the amount of cardio you did during your prep…it is a time to build the muscle you will showcase during your next on-season/competition season time. It is a time to eat and refuel your metabolism after all the dieting during your prep…it is a bit of a reward, as I see it…for completing the previous contest prep phase. Off season always helps me to appreciate the on-season/dieting phase more than I realized during the actual phases of it….I am usually pretty excited to get back into contest prep mode after a few months of off-season…

If you are one who has always thought about competing figure or bikini or bodybuilding…instead of just wondering “if you could do it,” I say “believe in yourself and go for it!” There would not be any of us athletes out here if we did not just go for it….everyone has to start somewhere…and quite frankly, the hardest part is starting out! Anyone who has a dream or vision of becoming a competitor has the will to do it…the drive. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. It all starts with a dream. Becoming a figure athlete is all in all transforming into your best athlete, your best you…that you can become!

About the Author:

I am an all-natural professional NGA figure athlete and professional IFPA figure athlete, a mommy of 3, a wife to my best friend Christopher, all-natural figure/bikini coach, Certified NOMA makeup artist, and a veteran of the U.S. Army.


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