Tiffany Benson

Tiffany Benson

8 years ago while serving in the United States Army, I was driving w a soldier whom fell asleep at the wheel of a truck. From this moment on, my life is forever changed in many ways. The driver was on the highway cruising about the normal 75 mph.It was January 2003. He fell asleep at the wheel as it was early in the morning…the truck started to merge into the middle of the highway separation and started flipping (later I found out from the accident reports that a trucker watched and reported what happened.) I was thrown out from the window or windshield of the vehicle(I don’t remember this part as I was immediately unconscious.) I landed in the grass, 10 feet from the truck, and I do remember some fellow soldiers whom stopped at the scene of the accident. talking to me…as I was in and out of consciousness. I remember laying on my left side, stiff, could not move and I was freezing cold, also could not open my right eye (due to my scalp injury)

Warning - Graphic!

Warning! Graphic!

I had my scalp literally degloved 18 inches in a letter c across my forehead and head area…I lay helpless on my left side w a broken left shoulder, a broken jaw, 2 places in my neck were broken, 2 places in my back were broken. I had a 2 year old little girl at this time, whom I was so afraid I could possibly be leaving behind. At this time in my life, I honestly did not know if I believed in god or not. (This was all changes in the making by god hisself) I was brought to the E.R. and right into the trauma unit where my scalp was reattched. In the recovery room, I was in and out of coma, and consciousness, and only remember bits and peices. My biggest memory was finally “waking up” and realizing my best guy friend of 8 years was right there waiting for me to wake up. God immediately opened up my eyes into a whole new world…My best guy friend (Chris) is now my husband of 8 years and we have 3 children together! Chris and I have daily laughs together and I have never gotten along better with anyone in my life…I love this man so so much…Chris has since then always reminded me to pursue my dreams…of competing.He is my biggest fan and the best support a woman/mommy/wife could ask for!

I went off to compete in my 1st figure competition after my 3rd babyboy was born….in 2007, and he was only 1 year old. I placed 2nd place at my first show and was hooked! Now it’s 2011 and I have not only competed in 10 competitions (including the 2010 Arnold amateur…placing 7th in figure d class)and I have never placed lower than a 4th place in my whole competing career.  I won my NGA figure pro card in 2009!I am planning to make my pro debut in May of 2012 w many pro shows to follow, after a much needed break from dieting that I”m finishing up right now. I am beyond blessed as I remember all of the physical therapy, pure determination, and sweat w hard work I have accoplished to get where I am today.I also have an identical twin sister (Heather) whom is also a figure competitor and has had 6 children! Heather stays in shape all year round, and is also a huge inspiration to me and to many others…especially mommies!

My twin sister, Heather and I were featured in Fitness and Physique magazine as the “stretch and crunch ” models.

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