Working around injury, in the sport of figure and bikini

by Contributing Author, NGA/IFPA figure pro and Figure/Bikini Coach Tiffany Benson

Tiffany BensonAS a veteran of the U.S. Army and having been involved in a near death vehicle accident 10 years ago, leaving me with a broken neck and back in multiple areas…I KNOW injury! So I have learned many things through my years of competing and training. Always always always listen to your body! Even if you have a log, or a plan that you are following on your way into the gym, listen to your body. Connect with your body. If your body says “ouch” then STOP immediately! If you need to skip certain moves or machines it is perfectly ok. I had to take many years off of certain things like the traditional squat and the traditional deadlift.

It’s ok…I worked my way slowly with baby stepping….back into these movements. The reason I am able to do them today, is because of my much needed time off, to recover from injury… Even when you are able to incorporate the exercises back into your routine, do not fear having a bad day and needing to skip when your body is telling you to please not do it. Injuries can be fixed through good stretching, rest, recovery, sound nutrition, physical therapy (which I am a huge believer in!) and just simply being smart enough to listen to yourself. Your body will speak to you. Listen to it!

Happy and healthy training ya’ll!

Much love, Tiffany

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